> Right.  Uh huh.  Sure.  I don't think so.  There was no credible threat of
> the use nukes by the US in the Korean War, and no threat whatsoever, other
> than accusations of such from the left, during the Gulf War.

I heard President George Bush state at the beginning of the Gulf War that the US had 
not ruled out the use of nukes in that war.  That is a credible threat in my opinion.  

The threat in the Korean War was even more direct:


"On May 19 1953, the Joint Chiefs recommended direct air and naval operations against 
China, including the use of nuclear weapons. The National Security Council endorsed 
the JCS recommendation the next day.

Dulles, the Secretary of State was visiting India and told Nehru to deliver a message 
to Zhou Enlai: if peace was not speedily attained, the United States would begin to 
bomb north of Yalu, and US had recently tested atomic shells. "

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