Mark Gregson wrote:

> > It is quite
> > clear that the use of nukes in WWII saved many lives, both Japanese and
> > American.
> I've already explained on this list some years ago that the nukes did not end the 
>war.  You can disbelieve it, but it's best not to read what actually happened in 
>Japan if you want to maintain that belief.
> > When did we ever issue a real threat to use nukes since WWII?
> Korean War and Gulf War.

I won't disagree with you because I honestly don't know. But at what point in each of 
these conflicts was there a threat to use nukes?

> (Unless you consider a "real" threat to be only a case where the US was minutes away 
>from pulling the trigger.)
> > This brings up an interesting point, namely, if al Qaeda gets a nuke from
> > some rogue country, or one of the floating Soviet nukes, and uses it, whom
> > would we retaliate against?  My best guess is that we would not retaliate
> Yes, I've wondered about that, too.  When (not if) Manhatten is nuked, what will the 
>US response be?  I assume that it will be by terrorists.

Personally I think they'll broaden their attacks. They won't be just against the U.S. 

> > I also disagree with your last statement about war.  The Church stays out of
> > things like that.
> No, as already posted on this list the Church leaders have made statements about the 
>rightness of specific wars.

In general ways. But you and I are, I think, in agreement about this, so I won't say 
anything more. I guess I've "contaminated" you, or were you always a pinko socialist 
isolationist Canuck? <grin>

> As to what the scriptures say about it, well, that's been hotly deliberated for 
>weeks on this list.  We will have to agree to disagree.
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