> It is quite
> clear that the use of nukes in WWII saved many lives, both Japanese and
> American.

I've already explained on this list some years ago that the nukes did not end the war. 
 You can disbelieve it, but it's best not to read what actually happened in Japan if 
you want to maintain that belief.

> When did we ever issue a real threat to use nukes since WWII? 

Korean War and Gulf War.  

(Unless you consider a "real" threat to be only a case where the US was minutes away 
from pulling the trigger.)

> This brings up an interesting point, namely, if al Qaeda gets a nuke from
> some rogue country, or one of the floating Soviet nukes, and uses it, whom
> would we retaliate against?  My best guess is that we would not retaliate

Yes, I've wondered about that, too.  When (not if) Manhatten is nuked, what will the 
US response be?  I assume that it will be by terrorists.

> I also disagree with your last statement about war.  The Church stays out of
> things like that.  

No, as already posted on this list the Church leaders have made statements about the 
rightness of specific wars.

As to what the scriptures say about it, well, that's been hotly deliberated for weeks 
on this list.  We will have to agree to disagree.

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