You're both right, but are talking about different periods of history. After the
Treaty of Westphalia in the 17th century, military battles, which until then had
been as Rick characterizes them, took on a more "civilized" manner. It lasted maybe
about a century.

Rick Mathis wrote:

> At 08:00 PM 11/8/2002 -0700, Steven wrote:
> >Prior to the Civil War noncombatants were traditionally and legally by the
> >laws of nations left alone. The concept of total war (targeting civilians
> >as well as combatants) had its roots in the Civil War (when war would be
> >poured out upon all nations) beginning with General Sherman's march to the sea.
> Hogwash! Traditionally, raping and looting were the means by which the
> troops were paid.   "War is Hell" did not originate with Sherman.
> Rick Mathis
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