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If it were just us against the North Koreans, I can see your point. But
as Jesus told us that the wise man counts his pennies before building the
house, we had to determine just what level of interdiction we were
willing to make in Korea. Given that the Soviets would have jumped in on
the war if we were to have invaded China, we were looking at nuclear
holocaust. Truman wasn't willing to go that far, and I thank him for it.
Were it not for economic and technical assistance given to the Soviet Union and Red China by the United States the North Koreans would never have invaded the South. They wouldn't have been in a position to do so. In fact, a good position can be made that it was aid, trade and diplomacy which built up the Soviet Union, Red China, and their satellite states over the years. The Russian invasion of Afghanistan being a good case in point. How did the Russians invade Afghanistan? Over a highway built by U.S. Foreign Aid Dollars with trucks built at the Kama River Truck Plant also built by U.S. help.

Steven Montgomery

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