In Germany we used to refer to attempts to place Books of Mormons (usually in
small "Pensionen" or inns) as "buming," which is Missionary German. It's
pronounced "booming" and comes from BuM (das Buch Mormon), pronounced "boom" but
with a relatively short duration "oo". When you dangle a child on your knee in
German, you don't say, "bumpity bumpity..." but "bums bums" (booms booms, with a
sibilant s, not a "z" s). In Swabian (Schwäbisch) dialect it's "bumsele bumsele"

Ronn Blankenship wrote:

> At 07:18 PM 12/1/02 -0700, Marc A. Schindler wrote:
> >Oh. Should have added one more minor thing. "BoMor" is a contraction
> >preferred by
> >Brent Metcalfe, who edited the book in which this paper appeared, and who
> >likewise
> >does not believe in the historicity of the Book of Mormon -- Metcalfe was
> >exxed I
> >think sometime after the infamous September Six. No big deal, just a
> >stylism that
> >shows which "school" he belongs to. JWR might call it a "Signaturi tatoo" ;-)
> At least he doesn't prefer simply dropping the "o" from the more common
> abbreviation . . .
> --Ronn! :)
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