As I said a few years ago on this list, this is why we have not and will not
ever carry any book from Signature Books in our LDS bookstore.  My wife is
kinder and gentler than I.  When people ask why we don't have certain books,
she just says that we don't buy from that publisher, and that is all she
says.  She used to give them the contact info if they wanted to buy
something from SB, but no longer.  She says that SB always has a booth at
the LDS Booksellers convention each year, but that she (my wife) has never
stopped there, and that the booth seldom has any bookseller stop in.

Regardless of any great book that they may have, I personally refuse to give
them any money to help in their arrogant pseudo-intellectual pursuits.
Although it is incumbent upon me to forgive them, I do my best to forget


Harold Stuart wrote:
> Do I feel strongly about the Signaturi?  Yes.  They nearly got me about
> 20 years ago, and it was only by a miracle that I survived.  This is
> not hyperbole.  I don't relate the experience often, but suffice it to
> say that I learned enough about the devil and his minions to last me
> the rest of my life.  Please, beware these people.  They, like the
> master they serve, want all men to be miserable like unto themselves.

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