I can't argue with your overall approach, but I would point out that not all of
their books are polemical. You have to look at each title on its own merits. But I
don't think there's any doubt where the sympathies of the publisher's owners,
George Smith, lie. In this JWR's "paranoia" is probably fully justified.

Jon Spencer wrote:

> As I said a few years ago on this list, this is why we have not and will not
> ever carry any book from Signature Books in our LDS bookstore.  My wife is
> kinder and gentler than I.  When people ask why we don't have certain books,
> she just says that we don't buy from that publisher, and that is all she
> says.  She used to give them the contact info if they wanted to buy
> something from SB, but no longer.  She says that SB always has a booth at
> the LDS Booksellers convention each year, but that she (my wife) has never
> stopped there, and that the booth seldom has any bookseller stop in.
> Regardless of any great book that they may have, I personally refuse to give
> them any money to help in their arrogant pseudo-intellectual pursuits.
> Although it is incumbent upon me to forgive them, I do my best to forget
> them.
> Jon
> Harold Stuart wrote:
> > Do I feel strongly about the Signaturi?  Yes.  They nearly got me about
> > 20 years ago, and it was only by a miracle that I survived.  This is
> > not hyperbole.  I don't relate the experience often, but suffice it to
> > say that I learned enough about the devil and his minions to last me
> > the rest of my life.  Please, beware these people.  They, like the
> > master they serve, want all men to be miserable like unto themselves.
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