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My definition of a 'true' Christian, is one who seeks his/her best to
follow Christ and good works (including those who have not yet learned of
Jesus or the fulness of the gospel). This is a person who listens to the
Light of Christ (or Holy Ghost for members) and seeks to follow it. This
is a person who repents when he/she realizes sin.
One cannot follow Christ without following his Prophet.

We are told not to judge by Jesus. That doesn't mean we aren't to
determine between right and wrong, but we aren't the ones to determine
who will enter into heaven and who will not. That is God's job. That also
tells me that it isn't up to me to decide what God accepts as a 'true
I haven't "judged" anyone. I'm just teaching correct principle. If you want to follow Christ, you have to follow his authorized servants. There is no other way. If you want to define as Christian anyone who is trying to do good, or attempting to live the golden rule, then fine. You are using a broad definition. But if you define a Christian as one who follows Christ, you narrow that down to those who follow Christ's authorized servants. Notice, I didn't say "follows perfectly." I said follows without a modifier. As you say, no one perfectly follows Christ. However the scriptures are clear that whoever believes in Christ and is baptized [by authority] is saved in the Kingdom of God, and whoever does not is damned. Can a person claim to follow Christ if he doesn't believe in Christ enough to seek an authorized baptism? I think not.

"Atheistic humanism is the opiate of the self-described
intellectuals" --Uncle Bob
All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR

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