Perhaps we need two different definitions: Christ-like, and Christian?

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> After much pondering, Mark Gregson favored us with:
> >What do we know about being a true Christian?  Not much, really, because
> >God has never revealed any definition for "true Christian".  He has given
> >the requirements for entering the Celestial Kingdom, however, and if you
> >want that to be your definition of "true" then fine.  It doesn't mean that
> >one is perfectly keeping all the commandments here in this life.  By the
> >revealed requirements in D&C 76 and elsewhere, there are probably very
> >many living now who qualify.
> This thread has gone further than I ever intended. I know there are many
> wonderful, kind, and unselfish people in the world.  I was not referring to
> them.  I was addressing those who claim that Mormons aren't Christians.
> For years we referred to those outside the Church as "gentiles."  Then that
> word wasn't good enough, so we stated saying "nonmember."  Even that term
> is considered too politically incorrect.  So what do we call them today?
> Bruce R. McConkie frequently spoke of "apostate Christendom" to refer to
> non-Mormon Christians.  He also used the word "sectarian."  I've thought
> that "potential members" might work.  How about "future
> investigators?"  Brothers and sisters might also work.  I have often
> preferred "traditional Christian" as opposed to "nontraditional Christian."
> But to those who want to call us a cult and say that we aren't Christians,
> I want to make it perfectly clear that it is they who are not
> Christians.  Only one church on earth teaches true Christianity, and it
> isn't the anti-Mormons or the traditional Christians that support them in
> their work.
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