On Thu, 05 Dec 2002 08:11:16 -0900 "John W. Redelfs"
> After much pondering, Gary Smith favored us with:
> >So, until you get your eating habit under control, you aren't 
> following
> >the D&C, and this means you aren't a true Christian because you 
> aren't
> >following the prophets? I definitely wouldn't be considered one 
> under
> >your definition, either, since there are many things I struggle 
> with and
> >do not follow perfectly.
> >
> >JWR:
> > > A Christian, by my definition, is one who follows Christ.  And 
> since it 
> > is impossible to follow Christ without following those whom Christ 
> has 
> > sent to lead, namely President Hinckley, all nonmembers and many 
> members 
> > do not qualify as true Christians. --JWR
> Here you are committing two errors in your logic.  First, you are 
> taking my 
> position to an extreme that I never intended.  Second, you are 
> setting up a 
> straw man in doing so by assuming something that I never said.  I 
> never 
> said that a person had to follow the prophets perfectly to be a true 
> Christian.
> When a person rejects the authorized messengers whom the Savior has 
> sent, 
> he is rejecting the Savior.  It is the same.  Who are these 
> authorize 
> messengers?  I speak of our missionaries, prophets and apostles.
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Boy O boy, the Zion list is is just like them debate boards. Kind of fun
too. :-)

he he ;-)

Paul O

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