At 10:03 AM 7/13/03 -0600, George Cobabe wrote:
Come on folks - this is an easy list.  You can do all of this and still have
time left over for all the rest you might want to do.

Your exaltation depends more upon your acceptance of the atonement, which no
one has mentioned so far, than ANYTHING else you do.  All the rest is
fluff - important fluff - but fluff compared to the necessity for accepting
and understanding the Atonement.

That's what I was saying (in different words, of course).


One of the points that ought to worry you that is not on your list is the
idea that you will be tried to the limit of your ability.  Just like Abraham
was tested so you will  be tested - differently but as severe.  Just as
others that we can list have been tested so will you.

How can you expect to be in the presence of such men and women unless you
have a similar heritage of proving yourself?

Again, something I was trying to get at.

--Ronn! :)

I always knew that I would see the first man on the Moon.
I never dreamed that I would see the last.
        --Dr. Jerry Pournelle

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