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It says "after all we can do," not "after all we do." That's not to say we don't repent and repent often. I'll give you a scenario. Suppose someone commits sin no. 760 of the day but it is a tiny thing and he hardly notices. It is certainly nothing to go to the bishop about, at least that's what he thinks. He says to himself at first, "Boy, that was a very dumb thing to do." The doorbell rings. He answers the door. Then after he takes care of that the telephone rings. He takes care of that. Soon he decides to balance his checkbook. After a while he figures he'll watch a little television. Finally he may or may not remember to pray, another sin in and of itself. He forgets he hasn't confessed the sin of which he was guilty. Now what? What about many more than one like that? Finally he dies. Oops? After all he could have done?

Luke 18:13.

Again, does God work off a checklist, or does He desire "a broken heart and a contrite spirit"?

-- Ronn! :)

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