John W. Redelfs wrote:

My list would be much shorter:

1. A testimony that there is a God.
2. A testimony that his Son is Jesus Christ.
3. A testimony that Joseph Smith was a true prophet.
4. A testimony that the current leadership are prophets including the Church President, the Stake President, and the Bishop.
5. A current temple recommend obtained honestly.
6. Successful temple marriage.
7. Attention to all family duties such as regular family prayer, Family Home Evening, food storage, genealogy and scripture study, etc.
8. True charity towards ones fellow man including generous Fast Offering contributions.
9. Enduring to the end.

Number seven is the sticky wicket with me. Sometimes I think it would qualify me for having my Calling and Election Sure all by itself. But for all my outward observances, I am often not particularly charitable. Very few people would describe me as sweet or kind. I'm not particularly humble either. So I have to work on number seven or I'll never make it.

I made it to number six. I can't claim to have made number six. My first wife, to whom I was sealed, left me and violated our covenant. I found Jo, whom I love immensely, but so far, the Lord has not seen fit to inspire the first presidency to approve me for being sealed to her. I am not doing much better on 7 through 9 either.

My grandfather is one of those great men whom I feel did meet this list in all particulars. He was a spiritual giant and one whom I am certain was worthy of celestial glory. I wish I could live up to his example better.


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