This is what Enos received after his "wrestle with God" which took him
into the forest for a day and night of prayer. There are a number of
descriptions in the scriptures on this topic: Mosiah 4, Enos, 3Nephi
12:1-2, and one of my favorites, D&C39:6.

I don't think it is the same thing.

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Fact that Most

Isn't that what we seek when we take the Sacrament?


At 08:54 PM 07/12/2003 -0400, you wrote:

>Before one's calling and election is made sure, one key step is 
>remission of sins through the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost. I 
>would venture that few there are that have sought after and received 
>this blessing that, according to 2 Nephi 31:17-18, is a requirement 
>before you are solidly on the "strait and narrow path which leads to 
>eternal life"
>King Benjamin talks about this in his last sermon also.
>What think ye?
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>Fact that Most Peop
>I suppose I could make a list of what I think one ought to do to have 
>one's calling and election made sure, but I think many people, 
>including myself,
>would never be able to do it.  What do I think it would take?
>1.  A testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.
>2.  Belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ as God the Son, Messiah, 
>Redeemer and a knowledge that He died for our sins.
>3.  Belief and acceptance of God the Father.
>4.  Belief and acceptance of God the Holy Spirit.
>5.  Belief and acceptance of the Articles of faith as duly constituted.
>6.  Belief and acceptance of Joseph Smith as first modern prophet and
>restitution of the gospel to the earth.
>7.  Belief and acceptance of all the rest of the Presidents of the
>as prophets of God and heads of the modern church on earth.
>8.  Belief in the acknowledged and accepted doctrines of the church as
>officially constituted, unless God should point out error Himself. 9.
>Going beyond that, attendance at all pertinent meetings of the church
>in one's local area whenever possible.
>10.  Family loyalty unless doing so would violate church standards. 11.
>Love for family and friends. 12.  Love for neighbors and strangers. 13.
>Love for enemies. 14.  Obedience to the prophet and apostles, even in
>areas of hardship. 15.  Loving every food that God has created? 16.  It
>goes without saying that a person ought to be able to have a
>current temple recommend.
>17.  Daily study of every one of the Scriptures?
>18.  Daily prayer.
>19.  Integrity.
>20.  Repentance.
>I don't think this list has even scratched the surface and I've already

>fallen short.  See what I mean?  However, some things I am in doubt 
>about I've put question marks on.  Also points that could be mentioned
>temple recommend requirements were left unsaid because I already
>the person should have a temple recommend.

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