I watched a special on the biblical David last night on PBS. (By the
way, it was great to see Leonard Nimoy in the part of Samuel the
prophet.) They took some of the spiritual insights out of the story but
one item they did leave in was that God looks at the heart. It is by our
heart that he judges us. Where is your heart? Are you willing to
diligently seek him? Even in an apartment? That, I think, will make the


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> All right.  Let's get practical.  If one hasn't the temple 
> marriage one 
> wants I suppose it's fruitless to even try for anything like 
> this.  But if 
> one were to eventually get that and everything else being 
> equal, how would 
> someone do this in a modern setting?  In an apartment?  Do 
> you mean to tell 
> me one would have to go hunting, go to a remote region in the 
> mountains, 
> etc., to get it?  And what about people who have been married 
> civilly, then 
> get divorced, etc.?  Have they ever forfeited the chance to 
> ever have a 
> temple marriage and everything else?  I have never been 
> married and then 
> divorced afterwards, but suppose I was?  Do these things make 
> it impossible?
> Stacy.

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