All right. Let's get practical. If one hasn't the temple marriage one wants I suppose it's fruitless to even try for anything like this. But if one were to eventually get that and everything else being equal, how would someone do this in a modern setting? In an apartment? Do you mean to tell me one would have to go hunting, go to a remote region in the mountains, etc., to get it? And what about people who have been married civilly, then get divorced, etc.? Have they ever forfeited the chance to ever have a temple marriage and everything else? I have never been married and then divorced afterwards, but suppose I was? Do these things make it impossible?


At 09:49 PM 07/12/2003 -0400, you wrote:

This is what Enos received after his "wrestle with God" which took him
into the forest for a day and night of prayer. There are a number of
descriptions in the scriptures on this topic: Mosiah 4, Enos, 3Nephi
12:1-2, and one of my favorites, D&C39:6.

I don't think it is the same thing.

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Isn't that what we seek when we take the Sacrament?


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>Before one's calling and election is made sure, one key step is >remission of sins through the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost. I >would venture that few there are that have sought after and received >this blessing that, according to 2 Nephi 31:17-18, is a requirement >before you are solidly on the "strait and narrow path which leads to >eternal life" > >King Benjamin talks about this in his last sermon also. > >What think ye? >NB >-----Original Message----- >From: Stacy Smith [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] >Sent: Saturday, July 12, 2003 5:40 PM >To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] >Subject: [ZION] Having One's Calling and Election Made Sure and the >Fact that Most Peop > > >I suppose I could make a list of what I think one ought to do to have >one's calling and election made sure, but I think many people, >including myself, >would never be able to do it. What do I think it would take? > >1. A testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. >2. Belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ as God the Son, Messiah, >Redeemer and a knowledge that He died for our sins. >3. Belief and acceptance of God the Father. >4. Belief and acceptance of God the Holy Spirit. >5. Belief and acceptance of the Articles of faith as duly constituted. >6. Belief and acceptance of Joseph Smith as first modern prophet and >restitution of the gospel to the earth. >7. Belief and acceptance of all the rest of the Presidents of the >church >as prophets of God and heads of the modern church on earth. >8. Belief in the acknowledged and accepted doctrines of the church as >officially constituted, unless God should point out error Himself. 9. >Going beyond that, attendance at all pertinent meetings of the church >in one's local area whenever possible. >10. Family loyalty unless doing so would violate church standards. 11. >Love for family and friends. 12. Love for neighbors and strangers. 13. >Love for enemies. 14. Obedience to the prophet and apostles, even in >areas of hardship. 15. Loving every food that God has created? 16. It >goes without saying that a person ought to be able to have a >current temple recommend. >17. Daily study of every one of the Scriptures? >18. Daily prayer. >19. Integrity. >20. Repentance. > >I don't think this list has even scratched the surface and I've already

>fallen short.  See what I mean?  However, some things I am in doubt
>about I've put question marks on.  Also points that could be mentioned
>temple recommend requirements were left unsaid because I already
>the person should have a temple recommend.

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