Ron Scott wrote:
I'd guess it would be wiser of me to withhold comment on a topic so
potentially explosive here. So I will demur. But for me, and perhaps a few
others, please refine your alarm. Give us specific examples of the kinds of
apostates we have today (as foretold in the Book of Mormon) and how secular
humanism and athiesm are bigger threats to us today than they were, say, a
couple of hundred years ago.

I think they are bigger threats only because I think all of western civilization for the last 500 years has been in the process of becoming increasingly secular as compared to say... the Middle Ages when nearly everyone was a believing Roman Catholic, at least in Europe. Certainly a self-confessed atheist is a lot easier to find today than during the 18th century, for an example.

As for so-called "secular humanism," I'm not too sure what that term means. Humanism, as I probably misunderstand it, is a philosophy that places man in the place of God, that is, the worship of man and the works of his own hand.

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