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> >So for the moment I will abide your claims above.  Meantime,
> please answer
> >the key question I asked earlier: Give us specific examples of
> > ...  how
> >secular humanism and athiesm are bigger threats to us today than
> they  were,
> >say, a couple of hundred years ago.< Church membership is up.
> Ditto church
> >attendance. Ditto people who identify themselves as a member of a church.
> >
> >Ron
> Don't know if I can Ron. I think beliefs, attitudes and
> philosophies (as in
> many other things) go in cycles though. Just because Church attendance is
> up today doesn't mean there will not be a resurgence of humanistic or
> atheistic belief  tomorrow. Besides--what's your point in asking?<

Although my memory is faulty, I recall a claim that we've lost  or are
losing our because  of the rise of secular humanism, agnosticism, communism,
athieism  all the old bugaboos...when, in fact, the stats (I saw them a
couple of weeks ago) suggest just the opposite.  Therefore, your fear of a
resurgence is not supported by history. We've been there, done that and
survived quite nicely. To me  such worries have a familiar John Birchian
ring to them, no offense intended.

Ron Scott

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