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So for the moment I will abide your claims above.  Meantime, please answer
the key question I asked earlier: Give us specific examples of  > ...  how
secular humanism and athiesm are bigger threats to us today than they  were,
say, a couple of hundred years ago.< Church membership is up. Ditto church
attendance. Ditto people who identify themselves as a member of a church.


Don't know if I can Ron. I think beliefs, attitudes and philosophies (as in many other things) go in cycles though. Just because Church attendance is up today doesn't mean there will not be a resurgence of humanistic or atheistic belief tomorrow. Besides--what's your point in asking?

Steven Montgomery

O ye Priest of Baal. O, ye gentile religionest O. ye inhabitants of Babylon possessing the Mark of the beast What knowledge have ye of the ordinances or blessings or virtues of the house & Church of God? (The Kirtland Diary of Wilford Woodruff)

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