My wife drives a 1995 Ford Ranger that we bought for $5500 3 years ago.
When they checked our credit worthiness, the dealer asked us if we
wouldn't rather buy one of the new $30,000 trucks instead. I explained to
him that's why my credit was so good.

My car is a 1995 Saturn. I bought it almost 2 years ago for $1500, with
200K miles on it. It now has $240K miles on it and still running great. 
I think my next car might be a Saturn, also.

The most I've spent on a car was $10K for a 93 Ford Tempo w/11K miles and
a 3 year warranty.  I don't think I'll ever spend that much on a car

The least expensive car I've owned was a 1961 Karman Ghia that my Dad
bought for my 18th birthday for me from my great uncle's estate for $50.
We sold it for $350 on my mission.

My favorite car was my MGB. Baby blue with racing stripe and top down. 
Man, it was fun driving around Forth Worth in that thing. Of course, when
it broke down (which was often), it cost an arm and a leg to get it
fixed. There just aren't parts for them, nor are there many mechanics who
understand British auto technology.

K'aya K'ama,

Gerald (Gary) Smith     
[EMAIL PROTECTED]         LDS Evidences,
Family History, Food Storage, etc.

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