Ah. The Harry Potter syndrome. Now I understand.,

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> >Don't know what the question was about, but whatever it was: why is it
> >significant to some of you?
> Well, in many ways similar to the science fiction genre, high fantasy has
> captured the hearts of many who read Tolkein in the 1960's.  Many of us
> have read other authors in the same genre, Terry Brooks, David Eddings,
> Robert Jordan, etc.  We just like it better than westerns, mysteries, and
> mainstream fiction.
> Well, it isn't often the movie is better than the book, but in
> the case of
> The Lord of the Rings that seems to be the case.  At least that
> is the case
> in my opinion.  The first two movies were wonderful, and this
> last of three
> promises to be the best of them all.  So if you are also a moviegoer, you
> would really look forward to December 17th when Return of the King opens
> nationwide.  I know that I do.
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