Relax brother. I was just fooling.  My youngest is a big Potter fan...and so
we got sucked into the queue for Potter at midnight marketing scheme that
drove sales of the latest version through the roof.

If you're as old as The Deseret Rat, then I'm slightly younger than both of
you, but not by much (same high school grad year, but I was the youngest in
the class).

I liked Harry Potter and have read all the books (because my children have).
I liked the movie as well. Ditto Lord of The Rings.  However, as a rule,
neither are my cups of tea. My tastes and interests run more to the likes
of: Dickens, Irving, Roth, Salinger, Dickinson, Potok, Wolfe. I thought
Judith Freeman's (my first of her) was well crafted.


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> >Ah. The Harry Potter syndrome. Now I understand.,
> Now you understand and I am confused.  What is this Harry Potter
> syndrome?  I didn't like the Harry Potter movie that I saw.  In fact, I
> never went to see the next one.  And I have never read one of the
> books.  Is it possible that you are just too old to like fantasy?  I
> thought you were my age.  I am the same age as Mel Perkins.
> Your friend and brother,
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