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> Yes, Tolkein has redeeming social value.  I have always been
> with his characterizations and I thought the movie version did a
> reasonable
> job of bringing them to life.  Potter, on the other hand, while
> entertaining, reminds me a great deal of the Hardy Boys (turns handle
> crank for the next installment).  Has it's use, but .......
> Till

I found the Tolkein movie that I watched (something about rings I think)
to be a tiresome road movie where the heroes kept getting into
impossible situations for no apparent reason and then being rescued in
the best Greek tragedy tradition by deux ex machina. The Potter stuff is
similar, but at least mildly entertaining, although the kids never learn
from their mistakes.  Well, at least Harry refuses to ever learn. His
scar hurts and so he tells no one and therefore gets into deeper
trouble, so the next time his scar hurts he's even more reluctant to
tell anyone. Duh? But as children's entertaining literature it's fine.
I just prefer reading Narnia and having the challenge of sorting out the
strong Christian symbols running around the outside of the storyline.


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