At 04:18 AM 11/18/2003 -0900, BLT wrote:
RB Scott wrote:
Ah. The Harry Potter syndrome. Now I understand.,

Now you understand and I am confused. What is this Harry Potter syndrome? I didn't like the Harry Potter movie that I saw. In fact, I never went to see the next one. And I have never read one of the books. Is it possible that you are just too old to like fantasy? I thought you were my age. I am the same age as Mel Perkins.

Yes, Tolkein has redeeming social value. I have always been fascinated with his characterizations and I thought the movie version did a reasonable job of bringing them to life. Potter, on the other hand, while entertaining, reminds me a great deal of the Hardy Boys (turns handle on crank for the next installment). Has it's use, but .......


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