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> RB Scott wrote:
> >I liked Harry Potter and have read all the books (because my
> children have).
> >I liked the movie as well. Ditto Lord of The Rings.  However, as a rule,
> >neither are my cups of tea. My tastes and interests run more to the likes
> >of: Dickens, Irving, Roth, Salinger, Dickinson, Potok, Wolfe. I thought
> >Judith Freeman's (my first of her) was well crafted.
> I love Dickens, but find Salinger more depressing than any other author
> I've ever read.  And being a moderate to severe manic depressive
> myself, I
> don't care for him on that account.  I don't forgive authors who depress
> me.  I read WE THE LIVING by Ayn Rand a number of years ago, and I have
> steadfastly refused to read anything else by her.  My depressions don't
> need any help.<<

I'm surprised you didn't find Dickens depressing too, if quaint.  Arguably,
Salinger and Rand's stuff gets to you because it's more contemporary.

> Tell me, if I were to read a book by Roth, which one should I try first,
> something that would make me feel good about being alive?<<

Have you read nothing by Roth? Surely you've heard of "Portnoy's Complaint?"
But if you didn't like Salinger, I'd worry you also wouldn't like Roth.  But
let me think on a good "First Roth" book -- probably "The Great American
Novel." I'd say Roth's stuff sort of occupies the middle ground between,
say, authors like Chaim Potok and J.D. Salinger.  Others in that middle
would include Irving (The World According to Garp, Cider House Rules, The
Fouth Hand etc) and Wolfe (Bonfire of the Vanities).


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