At 09:45 AM 3/23/2004, you wrote:
But only if the current Constitutional powers are obeyed and honored.
When we have mayors in San Francisco and elsewhere giving out marriage
certificates in defiance of the law, then what piece of paper is there
that can establish the law? And when judges overstep their proper role
and legislate from the bench, then what happens if they ignore Congress?

Or what happens if Congress does not have the cajones to moderate the
courts? Pushing an amendment gives them reason to act on the lesser
action of moderating the courts. Without the impetus given of an
amendment, we have no pressure on Congress to act. So, even if it
doesn't pass, or it takes years, I'm for the amendment going forth in
discussion; if only to get Congress to do its duty.

Gary Smith

Well, even though I'm in favor of utilizing the power inherent in Congress vis a vis Article III, Section II of the United States Constitution to limit the jurisdiction of Federal Judges (And perhaps abolishing some Federal Courts altogether), and even though I think there are still problems with the amendment route, I did sign the petition urging passage of a Constitutional Marriage Amendment <grin>. So perhaps I'm just covering all the bases here.

Steven Montgomery

The only constant in the world is change--Karl Marx

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