Okay, how about 200+ years of laws being interpreted a certain way, only 
to have judges granting new "rights" to certain minority groups. There 
are a lot of black ministers meeting in Atlanta today to fight the gay 
marriage acts in Georgia. They are demanding that gays not equate their 
movement with Civil Rights, since gays are not being forced to drink 
from a separate water fountain, sit in the back of the bus, or prevented 
from voting. Nor have they been enslaved.

When judges ignore the rights of the majority, in favor of only the 
minority, then we have a serious problem.

Gary Smith

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> >Just because a judge is an activist judge, does not make him a
> >thoughtful one.<
> I'm growing weary of the tiresome assumption that "activist
> judge" is a negative description. By definition any appellate
> judge worth his gavel is an "activist judge" because he is often
> asked to interpret constitutional law.  I daresay that one man's
> "activist judge" is another's "strict constitutionalist."  I
> recommend the following: instead of tossing about meaningless
> catch phrases, spend more time explaining what you mean,
> demonstrating why a particular court's decision violates the
> spirit and intent of the U.S. Constitution.

Gerald (Gary) Smith
geraldsmith@ juno.com

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