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>>But only if the current Constitutional powers are
>obeyed and honored.
>>When we have mayors in San Francisco and elsewhere
>giving out marriage
>>certificates in defiance of the law, then what piece
>of paper is there
>>that can establish the law? And when judges overstep
>their proper role
>>and legislate from the bench, then what happens if
>they ignore Congress?
>>Or what happens if Congress does not have the cajones
>to moderate the
>>courts? Pushing an amendment gives them reason to act
>on the lesser
>>action of moderating the courts. Without the impetus
>given of an
>>amendment, we have no pressure on Congress to act. So,
>even if it
>>doesn't pass, or it takes years, I'm for the amendment
>going forth in
>>discussion; if only to get Congress to do its duty.
>>Gary Smith
>Well, even though I'm in favor of utilizing the power
>inherent in Congress
>vis a vis Article III, Section II of the United States
>Constitution to
>limit the jurisdiction of Federal Judges (And perhaps
>abolishing some
>Federal Courts altogether), and even though I think
>there are still
>problems with the amendment route, I did sign the
>petition urging passage
>of a Constitutional Marriage Amendment <grin>. So
>perhaps I'm just covering
>all the bases here.

Tell us how you feel about the amendment now that we know there's
a move afoot to change the language? <grin> What's Wilkins
reaction to same? This thing is beginning to feel like an
election year stunt gone haywire.


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