It's not easy to annoy me, but you're getting close.

I wish you'd take greater care in reading my posts, and assessing
the reality of the current situation before shooting off
half-baked accusations.

Think what you may. Have a pleasant night.


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>So, in effect, you are not opposing anything. You are
>simply giving up
>on the fight against moral crimes against society.
>On the same note then, why do we not have the state get
>out of managing
>crimes altogether. Let it all be resolved in the
>civilian courts.
>Someone murdered? Why have prisons, when we can just
>have the family sue
>the person!  Or, perhaps the family will thank the
>murderer for doing in
>a crummy member of the family!
>President Hinckley wrote a book a few years ago
>entitled, "Standing for
>Something."  If taking a stance means we raise the
>white flag, then we
>may as well just condemn all the world to despair and sin.
>Gary Smith
>Ron Scott wrote:
>> >
>> >Tell us more about your "methods for opposing" same-sex
>> >marriage.  --JWR<
>> I have done this before. I support the proposition
>that the state
>> should get out of sanctioning marriages altogether and should,
>> therefore ( as I noted in an earlier post today) draft
>> legislation that carefully and consistently defines
>> it will designate as bonafide domestic partnerships.
>Churches may
>> choose (or not) to bless such partnerships as "marriages."  I
>> also think considerable effort must be spent
>determining how such
>> changes affect free speech in public settings and how
>they will
>> be represented/taught  in primary and secondary
>public schools.
>> RBS
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