I don't appreciate words being put in my mouth. I don't
appreciate be asked absurd questions that have no bearing
whatsoever on the issues we're discussing. And, I get annoyed
when you assume I believe one way when the post to which you're
responding clearly suggests just the opposite.

If my purpose in being here was only to tweak and debate I would
respond to your rather silly assumptions and questions (and
infuriate John in the process). As I am here to discuss,  I
refuse to respond to bait and other nonsense.  If you want to
*talk* seriously, have at it. You'll find me an active and
responsible participant. If you simply want to attack and twist
my comments, ridicule and posture, kindly put me in your kill

To reiterate: not once have I written that I favor gay marriage,
yet you insist that I do.  Not once have I written that I condone
homosexual activities, yet you assert that I do. I am quite
willing to make personal judgments of other people.  When I do, I
attempt to be even-handed about it to wit: I think that
extramarital heterosexual and homosexual intercourse are
equivalent violations of the laws of God. Do you? I suspect not.
If I'm right, this probably explains most of the difficulty
you're having with my posts.


>-----Original Message-----
>From: Gerald Smith [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2004 5:06 PM
>Subject: RE: [ZION] Worth reiterating...
>No, but I know the guy. Don't agree with him on everything.
>But all I can say is I cannot judge you, Ron. Only your
>words. And if
>you feel offended by my judging of your words, then
>either I am truly
>misunderstanding them (as are others, I might add), you
>are failing at
>putting your true feelings/intentions down in words, or
>you are saying
>what you mean and are offended because my words cut to the core?
>I am not sorry for my words against gay marriage or gay
>activities of
>any kind. I pray for those who have this illness (I see
>it on the same
>level as drug addiction or alcoholism, but as a graver
>sin). But I don't
>cut them slack simply because they have several
>television programs on
>now that showcase them. Nor do I cut them slack because
>they have a
>victim mentality. They are in need of repentance, much
>more than they
>need a kind word from me. I don't want to make them
>feel good in their
>current circumstances, just so they can burn in hell
>later for not
>repenting.  Recognition of an addiction is the first
>step toward
>resolution. And with addicts of any kind, it is a
>difficult row to hoe;
>but one they must hoe regardless of any circumstances.
>But to ignore their actions and lifestyles is to
>encourage them to
>greater demands, until they no longer are on the
>fringes, but in the
>center of the attention.  The BoM shows that slippery
>slope, and I don't
>think I need to be involved in it. As with Jacob, if I
>want to have my
>garments clean from others' sins, I must speak out
>boldly against
>serious sins, whether it is popular or not, whether it
>is enjoyable to
>do or not.
>I don't know how you feel on things, Ron; because you
>say one thing, but
>then your words seem to contradict. Or at least your
>words portray a
>willingness to ignore others' sins because you fear to appear
>judgmental.  If I'm misreading this, please let me
>know, because I do
>want to understand your position. But if your words say
>something I
>disagree with, I'll be clear to question those words in
>order to get you
>to clarify (which I must admit, seems to be a hard
>thing for you to do,
>as you usually waive off opportunities to specify what
>you really mean).
>If I agree, I'll say I agree. If I totally disagree, I
>will attempt to
>be kind, but I may show harshness to words that
>contradict themselves,
>as I feel you have done in the discussion with gay marriage.
>Gary Smith
>Ron Scott wrote:
>> Are you related to Red Davis?
>> >-----Original Message-----
>> >From: Gerald Smith [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
>> >Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2004 4:31 PM
>> >Subject: RE: [ZION] Worth reiterating...
>> >
>> >
>> >So are you or are you not saying that bestiality is
>> >okay? If the state
>> >gets out of the marriage business and some strange
>> >religion chooses to
>> >marry off its virgins to animals, is that then
>> >something that should be
>> >lawful, simply because the government isn't into
>> >marriage issues?
>> >
>> >I see an extremely slippery slope for society to slide
>> >down if it
>> >doesn't have some controls.
>> >
>> >While I don't necessarily want the federal government
>> >to make laws on
>> >marriage, I do want the states to be able to control
>> >their own destiny.
>> >If Massachusetts wants gay marriage, that is up to
>Mass. But it
>> >shouldn't force itself upon any other state that refuses it.
>> >
>> >Gary Smith
>> >
>> >Ron Scott wrote:
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> >-----Original Message-----
>> >> >From: John W. Redelfs [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
>> >> >Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2004 2:29 PM
>> >> >Subject: RE: [ZION] Worth reiterating...
>> >> >
>> >> >
>> >> >RB Scott wrote:
>> >> >>I do not support extramarital sex of
>> >> >>any kind.
>> >> >
>> >> >What about sex within marriage if marriage is redefined
>> >> >to permit a man to
>> >> >marry his German Shepherd or his boy friend?  --JWR
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> Don't ask absurd questions unless you want absurd
>> >answers.  I've
>> >> clearly stated that I am opposed to the state
>> >defining marriage,
>> >> which I regard as a religious covenant.  It seems to
>> >me that we
>> >> have long acknowledged that what is permissible under
>> >the laws of
>> >> the land may not be permissible in God's eyes.
>> >>
>> >> RBS
>> >>
>> >>
>> >
>> >
>> >
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