Okay, hello everyone. Seems like I get the honor to open this mailing list. So 
welcome everyone! Lets get developed! :)

I am not sure when the next meeting is taking place. It assume Dec. 27th had no 
meeting? Then maybe on Jan. 3rd or 10th. We should announce this timely. 
Unfortunately, I could not yet listen to the whole of the last recording, so 
maybe I missed some info on this.

In the meantime, I need some clarification on another subject:
Where are we storing ideas? Ideas how to improve existing websites and services 
or create new ones.

I see good ideas spread all over the place: forum, wiki, etc, etc. But I fear 
they will be ignored for the most part. We need one central hub. In it, you 
will be able to search through all ideas concerning pootle, for example.

That way, we can easily get an overview of what is needed, what is currently 
under development, and what may be done later. Also, we don't have to take the 
same ideas from different people anymore, as they can just be pointed to our 
list: Here, we already think of this, maybe they want to contribute.

I am not sure whether we need to wait for a complete Project Management System 
to do this collecting and sorting task. I don't think so. PMS is more the next 
step then, to collaborate and work on specific ideas. But we need a central 
idea storage point first. Or, at least, I think it will greatly help in gaining 

I thought about all that, because I have just been told some points about 
pootle, that may be adressed by @lukas or whoever feels responsible, and I dont 
know if you know them already, and/or work on them, so here they go again:

- why is there no "forgot password" option, that sends you the email with login 
info again
- why do registered tzm users have to confirm another email, at all, before 
they can use pootle? this is felt to be an unneccessary hinderance
- there is no info that user have to wait for @lukas or @gman to enable them to 
some rights, before the user can actually go on and translate

The last point should maybe also be talked about in the pootle help wiki page, 
so users don't wander off confused and never come back to check their 
permissions again.

Well, that was one long opening mail. Sorry for mixing different topics.
Hope you have a good time.


then again, variety is the spice of life
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