Tim Peters wrote:
[Jens Vagelpohl]

Just as a heads-up because I don't know how much testing ever gets done
on OS X:

I do: none ;-)

Can someone volunteer to run a Mac OS X buildbot slave?  If not,
I'll try to set up an *old* iMac that the PSF seems to have
abandoned at ZC. :)

> For ZODB specifically, since the Zope trunks were changed
to stop running ZODB tests, no version of ZODB is regularly tested on any
platform anymore; the overnight test runners and buildbot.zope.com used to
at least test some ZODB versions regularly (although not the --all tests) on
some Linux boxes, as a side effect of running the Zope tests.  I run ZODB
test on Windows and Linux when I can make time for it, but never on OS X.

I'll update the buildbot setups to run all tests.

Running the tests on the current ZODB trunk using a self.built
Python 2.4.2 on OS X (10.4.3) the following test fails:

They fail the same way on my Windows box and a random Linux box today ...

OK, Dmitry, you fixed the spelling (replaced "onnection" with "connection")
in an error message in serialize.py several days ago (revision 40617), but
you didn't run the tests before you checked this in.  Please repair the
testcrossdatabasereferences test to match the repaired spelling (and run the
tests this time -- this is especially important since, as above, regular
testing of ZODB is no longer being done).  If that change got merged to any
branches (sorry, I'm having major connectivity problems with zope.org just
now and can't find out), of course those should be repaired too.  Thanks!

This is definately a bug that should have been caught on checkin.

Tim. we should set up a buildbot whachamajiggy (I have trouble keeping the
buildbot jargon straight) to run ZODB tests on checkin, so we can catch
these sorts of things sooner.


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