>> ... the overnight test runners and buildbot.zope.com used to at
>> least test some ZODB versions regularly

> Yes, very specific versions, which doesn't help catch bugs on the trunk
> or even on a branch.

Yes; I said that later myself.  Note that the overnight test runners are
still adequate for Zope 2.7.k + ZODB 3.2.k, though, since the setup under
CVS broadcasts 2.7-branch ZODB changes to Zope "immediately" (and vice
versa; and problems in both directions have been caught this way).

> I'll update the buildbot setups to run all tests.


> Done for Zope 3.  This doesn't really help much though since this
> doesn't reflect changes in ZODB until they are merged into Zope.

Why are you rewording my email and sending it back to me ;-)?  There is
another point to this, though:  that the ZODB tests run cleanly from a ZODB
checkout is no guarantee that they'll run cleanly from any other project
that happens to include ZODB.  The most recent example of this was just a
few weeks ago, where the ZODB tests generated mountains of deprecation
warnings when run from Zope(2) trunk, but none when run from a ZODB checkout
or from Zope3 trunk.  Integration of two projects can create new problems
that no amount of testing the projects separately can uncover.

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