Flavio Coelho wrote at 2008-1-22 17:43 -0200:
> ...
>Actually what I am trying to run away from is the "packing monster" ;-)

Jim has optimized pack consideraly (--> "zc.FileStorage").

I, too, have worked on pack optimization the last few days (we
cannot yet use Jims work because we are using ZODB 3.4 while
Jims optimization is for ZODB 3.8) and obtained speedups of
more then 80 persent.

>I want to be able to use an OO database without the inconvenience of having
>it growing out of control and then having to spend hours packing the
>database every once in a while. (I do a lot of writes in my DBs). Do this
>Holy grail of databases exist? :-)

The pack equivalent of Postgres is called "vacuum full".
It is more disruptive than packing ....

Maybe, you have a look at the old "bsddbstorage".
It could be configured to not use historical data.
Support was discontinued due to lack of interest --
but I report this for the second time within a week
or so. This may indicate a renewed interest.

BTW: stay on the list. I do not like personal emails.

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