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> Flavio Coelho wrote at 2008-1-22 17:43 -0200:
> > ...
> >Actually what I am trying to run away from is the "packing monster" ;-)
> Jim has optimized pack consideraly (--> "zc.FileStorage").
> I, too, have worked on pack optimization the last few days (we
> cannot yet use Jims work because we are using ZODB 3.4 while
> Jims optimization is for ZODB 3.8) and obtained speedups of
> more then 80 persent.
> >I want to be able to use an OO database without the inconvenience of
> having
> >it growing out of control and then having to spend hours packing the
> >database every once in a while. (I do a lot of writes in my DBs). Do this
> >Holy grail of databases exist? :-)
> The pack equivalent of Postgres is called "vacuum full".
> It is more disruptive than packing ....
> Maybe, you have a look at the old "bsddbstorage".
> It could be configured to not use historical data.
> Support was discontinued due to lack of interest --
> but I report this for the second time within a week
> or so. This may indicate a renewed interest.

Thanks I will look at it.

> BTW: stay on the list. I do not like personal emails.

sorry, I never meant to email you personally, this due to the default
configuration of this list, that sets the <reply-to> to the poster instead
of to the list...So I may have been too quick to the send button  on  a

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