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BTW: stay on the list. I do not like personal emails.

sorry, I never meant to email you personally, this due to the default configuration of this list, that sets the <reply-to> to the poster instead of to the list...So I may have been too quick to the send button on a reply.

I know this is off the thread topic, but it deserves an explanation.
The above expectation is a misconception. The list should *not* set a Reply-To field. There are SMTP header fields specific to the list such as

Precedence:     list
List-Post:      <mailto:zodb-dev@zope.org>

Your mail user agent is responsible for honoring those header fields.
For example, mutt has Reply, Reply All, and List Reply options.
The last one is suitable for the mailing list communications.
The first one is good for a private reply to the author.

Sadly, the "modern" flashy email agents, worry more about HTML presentation, then about providing a "List Reply" option.

Talking of HTML, it's also preferred to send plain text messages to the mailing lists, instead of multipart/mixed HTML/text or just HTML.

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