Bertrand Sirodot writes:
> I have posted a message reguarding this problem in the Solaris
> install forum. I am trying to upgrade a Solaris 11 nv_27 to
> nv_38. Apparently, the upgrade process doesn't work if zones are
> configured, so I was wondering if there is a way to upgrade despite
> the existence of zones.

The only way to do it today is to remove the zones.  This is something
that is being addressed by the Zulu project in install.

Regular pfinstall (used by the upgrade process) is unaware of
non-global zones and thus doesn't process them correctly.  That (among
other limitations) will be fixed by Zulu.

In the mean time, the supported releases of Solaris (Solaris 10 and
Updates) allow for upgrade on systems that have non-global zones
configured.  It does so using a mechanism (patching) that's never used
on development builds of Solaris (which includes Solaris Express).

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