Peter Baer Galvin writes:
> Ah, I should be playing with it in a week or so then. Is there a summary of
> its functionality posted anywhere?  Thanks much...

There's a heads-up message that went out about it, but there's not
much to it.

There's one new package -- SUNWlucfg -- that must be removed and
replaced with each upgrade.  This was done because SUNWlur was hollow,
and we need some of the files inside the non-global zones.

The lucreate '-m' option gains the ability to specify unshared file
systems embedded within zones -- e.g., -m
/opt:/dev/dsk/c0t0d0s5:ufs:myzone -- and lufslist gets the ability to
print them out.

Other than that, it should be just as it was before, except that you
can now live-upgrade a system with non-global zones.

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