>Would the steps be:

>1) Manually failover active zones to their equivalents on the secondary system
>2) Upgrade the system that now has non-active zones on it, using standard 
>upgrade, live upgrade, or pkgs/patches
>3) Fail the zones back to the (now upgraded) system
>4) Upgrade the 'other' (not-yet-upgraded) system

I thought I couldn't update Zones unless using Live Upgrade or Jumpstart 
Upgrade?  I thought I can't run an older ZONE on an updated System? (as would 
be the case in the above steps?)  Can I just apply the updated packages/patches 
in the latest Distro if using the above steps?  That would be great if it would 
be supported/worked??

>Or some other steps?
Thats the question ;)

>Sparse or whole-root? ;-)


>One highly recommended patch is the KU patch: 118833-36 (SPARC) which, of 
>course, applies to the whole system, including its zones. Its x86 equivalent 
>is 118855-36.

>You will also want to pay attention to the Solaris pkgs which are marked 
>"SUNW_PKG_ALLZONES=TRUE." Those pkgs must be installed in, and identical >in, 
>all zones, including the GZ. See pkginfo(4).

Again, can I apply patches/pkgs on an older Zone when the server has already 
been updated seperately? If so, would it be supported? As its not using 
jumpstart or Live Upgrade?


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