Andrew Blatt wrote:
I have a question on the following scenario:

I have a cluster of server with multiple zones running on them (currently
at U3), I decide to upgrade one server (i.e.: global zone) to U4 (after
failing over all zones to the other node) and now want to either failover a
zone or make a copy and update it to U4.  Is there a way to update a zone
"after" the global zone had already been updated?

Would the steps be:

1) Manually failover active zones to their equivalents on the secondary system
2) Upgrade the system that now has non-active zones on it, using standard upgrade, live upgrade, or pkgs/patches
3) Fail the zones back to the (now upgraded) system
4) Upgrade the 'other' (not-yet-upgraded) system

Or some other steps?

Is it possible to just
update the packages/patches from the Solaris Distro (Solaris_10/Products,
Solaris_10/UpdatePatches) to the zone (pkgadd -R , patchadd -R ) and bring
it up to U4?

Sparse or whole-root?    ;-)

One highly recommended patch is the KU patch: 118833-36 (SPARC) which, of course, applies to the whole system, including its zones. Its x86 equivalent is 118855-36.

You will also want to pay attention to the Solaris pkgs which are marked "SUNW_PKG_ALLZONES=TRUE." Those pkgs must be installed in, and identical in, all zones, including the GZ. See pkginfo(4).

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