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>       dedicated-memory
>               physical: A positive decimal number or a range with a required
>               virtual: This accepts the same numbers as the 'physical'
>                       property.  This will set the 'mset.minswap' and
>                       'mset.maxswap' properties on the temporary mset.

Why not just call this 'swap'?  'virtual' memory has an established
definition that does not match this usage.  With this naming, I guarantee
we are going to get calls from confused customers wanting to know why
firefox has something mapped at 0xC000000 when they set a 'virtual memory'
limit of 1GB.

> 4) Enable rcapd to limit zone memory while running in the global zone [9]
>       Currently, to use rcapd(1M) to limit zone memory consumption, the
>       rcapd process must be run within the zone.  While useful in some
>       configurations, in situations where the zone administrator is
>       untrusted, this is ineffective, since the zone administrator could
>       simply change the rcapd limit.
>       We will enhance rcapd so that it can limit each zone's memory
>       consumption while it is running in the global zone.  This closes the
>       rcapd loophole described above and allows the global zone administrator
>       to set memory caps that can be enforced by a single, trusted process.

Currently rcapd will not run in a Linux zone.  This change will also allow
you to apply rcapd limits to branded zones.  

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