> I think that some minimal syslogging is warranted (I've tried to keep it
 > simple here) because we do know that customers have a degree of comfort
 > with syslog, and because it fits readily into various existing 3rd party
 > monitoring packages.

But it falls apart in the long run since the output format cannot really
be versioned or cleanly extended and the output is locale-specific.  It
also doesn't solve the synchronization problem you mention below.

 > As for GPEC, that's what our existing C api is based upon.  Take a look at
 > zonecfg_notify_*() in libzonecfg.  It's a real horror show but it does
 > solve the "get the state and then subscribe to future changes and don't
 > miss anything in between" problem.

Hmm, I had to put together some APIs for IPMP that used sysevents (GPEC
didn't exist at the time), and I actually thought the result was pretty
elegant.  Yes, it's more code than just dumping some messages to syslog,
but it is easy to version and extend, and it is simple to write robust
consumers for those events.  Further, it is straightforward for those
consumers to correlate those events with the state APIs.

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