On Fri, 27 Oct 2006, Mike Gerdts wrote:

On 10/27/06, Dan Price <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
As for GPEC, that's what our existing C api is based upon.  Take a look at
zonecfg_notify_*() in libzonecfg.  It's a real horror show but it does
solve the "get the state and then subscribe to future changes and don't
miss anything in between" problem.

We could potentially build this up into some new command like 'zoneadm
monitor' but I don't necessarily see that as being in conflict with doing
something in the short term with syslog-- and 'zoneadm monitor' can't be
consumed by upper level monitoring agents without a lot of work by lots of

What if "zoneadm monitor -a" (all zones) had the ability to spit
syslog entries and/or SNMP traps?  Perhaps if the SNMP route is taken,
a subagent to snmpd(1M) would be the right approach.

This sounds extremely useful. If someone decided to persue this path, would it be possible to integrate the monitoring piece into zoneadmd? Since it's already started to manage the zone, I reckon it could send
state changes and errors to the fault manager or an SNMP trap host.

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