Dan Price wrote:
On Fri 27 Oct 2006 at 09:11PM, Peter Memishian wrote:
> So here are my questions: > > - Do you think this is useful? > > - Do you think the log level (Info) is right? daemon.info is
 >       *not* logged by default, whereas notice is.  (So basically: do
 >       you want these messages in /var/adm/messages by default, or not?)
> > - Do you think the facility of 'daemon' is OK? With Solaris
 >       syslog you can't AFAIK route messages based on the value of
 >       'program' (which in this case is 'zoneadmd').
> > - Any comment about whether the info provided is sufficient?
 >       For example, when a zone reboots it goes through numerous
 >       state transitions, but I chose to express this as one
 >       big transition-- does that work for everyone?

Encouraging programmatic use of syslog seems a step in the wrong direction
to me.  Surely we can provide a better mechanism to notify them of state

Such as?

We went down this road with Sun Cluster and arrived at a fairly complex
C API which I was never very happy with; as a result we have thus
far kept it private.


How about something like the DHCP eventhook mechanism (see dhcpagent(1M))? This would allow people to get notifications of zone state changes in a well defined *and* simple way without the need scraping logs for unstable messages.

zoneadmd just needs to invoke the Zone eventhook with the appropriate event and some auxilary data for the event (such as zone name etc). The sysadmin-supplied eventhook script would then do whatever is deemed appropriate for the site (page someone, send mail, forward to management console etc.).


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