Here is a sample zone down trap about a local zone named smk-210 going down. The trap is from the SunMC agent that is running in the global zone. The trap is directly from a SunMC agent whom was told to send traps to a secondary traphost in addition to it's SunMC server tier.

# /opt/SUNWsymon/sbin/es-trapdest -a <trapname>:<trapport> -v <snmptype> -u public -f "sunmcTraps snmpTraps coldStart warmStart linkDown linkUp authenticationFailure"

This is what /usr/sfw/sbin/snmptrapd saw:

2006-10-30 08:00:52 smk-203 [] (via TRAP, SNMP v1, community public SUNMANAGEMENTCENTER-TRAP-MIB::agent Enterprise Specific Trap (SUNMANAGEMENTCENTER-TRAP-MIB::statusChange) Uptime: 1:21:22.40 SUNMANAGEMENTCENTER-TRAP-MIB::statusOID.0 = OID: SCM-CONTAINER-MIB2::zoneState SUNMANAGEMENTCENTER-TRAP-MIB::base. = STRING: "" SNMPv2-MIB::snmpTrap.5.0 = OID: SNMPv2-TM::snmpUDPDomain SNMPv2-MIB::snmpTrap.6.0 = Hex-STRING: 0A 08 5A CB 04 89

Currently SunMC only alarms on zone down status. We are working to allow the customer to choose which status he would like to be alarmed on via a patch.


Michael Barto wrote:
Yes, that is what I thought. I think it is too esoteric. An importance of a zone states in an SNMP monitoring environment is it is either "running" or not. States such as "ready", or "installed" mean the zone is not running. If a zone is a server, there is an SNMP process that can be easily implemented to identify that the server is up or down?. Once that status is changed then the troubleshooting gets into solving the issue with "/usr/sbin/zoneadm list -vi" from the global zone.

i- for installed

Peter Memishian wrote:
> So here are my questions: > > - Do you think this is useful? > > - Do you think the log level (Info) is right? is
 >       *not* logged by default, whereas notice is.  (So basically: do
 >       you want these messages in /var/adm/messages by default, or not?)
> > - Do you think the facility of 'daemon' is OK? With Solaris
 >       syslog you can't AFAIK route messages based on the value of
 >       'program' (which in this case is 'zoneadmd').
> > - Any comment about whether the info provided is sufficient?
 >       For example, when a zone reboots it goes through numerous
 >       state transitions, but I chose to express this as one
 >       big transition-- does that work for everyone?

Encouraging programmatic use of syslog seems a step in the wrong direction
to me.  Surely we can provide a better mechanism to notify them of state

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