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What if "zoneadm monitor -a" (all zones) had the ability to spit
syslog entries and/or SNMP traps?  Perhaps if the SNMP route is taken,
a subagent to snmpd(1M) would be the right approach.

       Speaking as an admin and customer and not a developer, if the
SNMP route is taken, then a SunMC agent module should also be
available for sites like ours that have adopted SunMC as our overall
monitoring tool. Having a 'Zone Management' module that monitors
non-global zones and allows you to initiate state changes via SunMC
(similar to the SMF module) would be a very useful tool. Down zones
could generate Critical Alarms, which would percolate (sp ?) up the
chain of objects and have visibility.

       As a side not, I have often wondered why there is not better
integration between the tools that Sun markets and the code Sun
writes. Seeing this discussion gives me some insight into some of
those decisions (or the lack thereof)... This is meant as an
observation and _not_ a criticism.

Paul Kraus
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