Paul Kraus wrote:
> On 10/27/06, Mike Gerdts <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> What if "zoneadm monitor -a" (all zones) had the ability to spit
>> syslog entries and/or SNMP traps?  Perhaps if the SNMP route is taken,
>> a subagent to snmpd(1M) would be the right approach.
>        Speaking as an admin and customer and not a developer, if the
> SNMP route is taken, then a SunMC agent module should also be
> available for sites like ours that have adopted SunMC as our overall
> monitoring tool.   Having a 'Zone Management' module that monitors
> non-global zones and allows you to initiate state changes via SunMC
> (similar to the SMF module) would be a very useful tool.

Thanks for using SunMC. SunMC does have a Container module that allows you to do a number of things on pools, dynamic pools, zones, projects, and lnodes. You can create, destroy, provision, automatically discover, threshold(alarm) on project CPU and MEM plus zone down status, display realtime the processes contained by a project, move a process out of a project, keep track of shares used based on a mathematical max you give so the numbers make sense, schedule lnode and project share changes based on a calendar, copy zone definition, hold project and lnode definitions for future host association, and trend the utilization of all of these entities. For host and projects you can do aggregate utilization reporting on groups of boxes. Plus we have a patch in the pipe to support the Solaris 10u3 movement related features.

Sun made the architectural and design decision to expose this particular SunMC module through it's own BUI. So it's hidden from the traditional SunMC console. The BUI choice seemed right at the time since there were so many active management features in the module and SunMC was primarily a passive monitoring tool. We call this BUI the Solaris Container Manager. Now that Sun is beginning to get into a number of virtualization technologies, this separate BUI choice seems like a good one as long as we continue to expand it.

The SCM-Container SunMC module is a private mib. I'll attached a snmpwalk of it to give you an idea of what is exposed. Just tried and can't. Too big for the alias size limit of 40kb. Let me know if you want to see it and I can email it directly to you. It's 70kb. The command would be:

# /usr/sfw/bin/snmpwalk -v 3 -l authPriv -u username -a MD5 -A sunmckey -x des -X sunmckey -r 1 -t 8 hostname:1161

We have a lot of internal attributes in the mib that allow us to do things internally such as create and destroy so ignore those. They won't make any sense to you...stuff like row status.


> Down zones
> could generate Critical Alarms, which would percolate (sp ?) up the
> chain of objects and have visibility.
>        As a side not, I have often wondered why there is not better
> integration between the tools that Sun markets and the code Sun
> writes. Seeing this discussion gives me some insight into some of
> those decisions (or the lack thereof)... This is meant as an
> observation and _not_ a criticism.

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