On Fri 27 Oct 2006 at 10:49PM, Matty wrote:
> This is definitely useful, and I can see it being useful for postmortem 
> debugging and event tracking. Are there any plans to allow admins to 
> log zone console output to a logfile? That would be extremely useful!!


Yes, console logging is on my list, too, and has been requested by
customers large and small.  The console code is a bit delicate so I've
been reluctant to extend it as is.  But I'll have to see.  Maybe just
adding the logging to a file bit isn't enough to warrant a rewrite.
Eventually, it probably needs a full rewrite in terms of event ports.

To be clear (since there has been some confusion on this point), you
want something like the output of script(1), but for the console of
the zone?  Presumably you'd specify the location of the log file in


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