So am I right in assuming:

inherit-pkg-dir = pkg install from global zone
installs the files in the global zone and simply
updates the package database in the non-global zone.


lofs = a package install from the global zone installs
the files in the global zone then tries to install the
files in the non-global zone (which fails of course
because the file system is read only).

--- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> >That was kinda my thinking too but I guess an lofs
> >mount would do the same thing.  Quick question
> though,
> >what is the major different between an
> inherit-pkg-dir
> >and an lofs mount?  This is one area of zones I
> >haven't really researched that well. 
> If you don't use inherit-pkg-dir, the zone
> installation will
> copy all packages installed in that directory.
> Not something you want for blastwave packages; you
> want
> to share them.
> Casper

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